A Practical Guide to Children’s Health

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If you’re tired of the same-old mainstream parenting advice, and tired of being confused by so many issues out there, this is the book for you.

Learn about:

  • What foods to feed your child and why
  • How to handle vaccines, antibiotics, and OTC medication
  • How to treat common childhood illnesses naturally
  • Whether ‘organic’ is really necessary
  • …and more!

One of our most popular books of all time, A Practical Guide to Children’s Health teaches you what you need to know, in an easy to read, well-cited text.


Parenting can be so confusing.

These days, there are endless decisions that have to be made.  How do we keep kids safe?  How do we keep kids healthy?  What do we do about all of the controversy out there?

A lot of parents just give up.  They can’t make heads or tails of common issues, like:

  • Is milk bad for my child, or necessary for optimal health?
  • Should I vaccinate?  If so, when and with what?
  • How do I feed my picky eater?
  • Is “organic” even worth it?

There are conflicting answers everywhere.  Some people insist that if you don’t do it “this” way, you are harming your children.

Enough already!

A Practical Guide to Children’s Health

It’s time to cut through the nonsense and get to the heart of the issue.

Most parents don’t have time to spend hours upon hours sorting through each and every issue, painstakingly, figuring out exactly what the research says and what is best for their children.  Yet, they want to know…and don’t want people just telling them what to do.

That’s what A Practical Guide to Children’s Health is for.

This book doesn’t tell you what to do or what to choose.  The goal of the book is to provide a summary of each key issue, backed up by well-cited research, so that you can quickly and easily understand what’s going on and make the choice that’s right for your family.

Think of it like the “Cliff’s Notes” version of healthy baby information!

What Does It Cover?

This book covers so many topics that parents frequently have questions about, such as:

  • Milk: is it good or bad?
  • Grains: should we eat them?
  • Should I choose organic foods?
  • Preventing childhood obesity
  • What ingredients should I avoid in our food?
  • Should I do well-child visits?
  • Should we get vaccines?
  • Should we use supplements?  If so, which?
  • Do you need organic beds?
  • What about organic/natural clothing?
  • Which soaps and lotions should I use?
  • How often should I bathe my child?
  • …and more!

Each section takes a couple of pages to breakdown the issue: what is the controversy, if any?  What are the different options?  What does the research actually say?  Everything is easy-to-read, and every page is cited with the original sources of information, so that you can go back and read more, if you choose to.

I Need Help Making Changes!

It doesn’t stop at summarizing the issues, though.

In addition to answering your questions, the book is filled with a lot of practical information on how to implement some of these natural changes, and what to do in your home to improve health naturally.

You’ll find information like:

  • How to read food labels (and avoid tricky language)
  • Kid-friendly healthy snacks, lunches, and more on a budget
  • 5 of our favorite healthy, budget-friendly recipes
  • Advice on treating fevers, colds, tummy aches, and other common childhood illnesses
  • A breakdown of “vaccine preventable” illnesses, including some natural treatments
  • How to boost the immune system naturally
  • …and more!

It’s a 150-page guide to your healthier, more natural home, with plenty of practical, hands-on information that you can implement quickly and easily.

Is It Doctor-Recommended?

Only by one of my Ph.D. friends, and a chiropractor. 🙂

The truth is, doctors have a lot of knowledge about Western medicine.  They don’t have a whole lot of knowledge about natural health.  If you’re the type to trust doctors implicitly, because they went to medical school, this book probably isn’t for you.

If you know that it’s a big and loud world out there, and that it’s critical to take your family’s health into your own hands, then this book is perfect for you.

We believe that parents know their children best, and need to be armed with knowledge so that they can make the best decisions for their children.  No one is as involved in your child’s life, day-to-day, as you are. You are the best person to make decisions, including if/when to consult with a professional.

What Are the Sources Like?

A lot of the sources are actual studies, from recognized medical journals.  As much as possible, we looked for primary and reliable sources.  The ones that aren’t primary, cite primary sources themselves.

We want you to know that we’ve put the best, more reliable information together!

What if I Have Questions?

If you’re still on fence, email us at and we’ll send you a sneak peek into the book.  We want you to feel confident in this.

So far, thousands of people own the book.  It has over 130 positive reviews, including these:

“This is a great alternative resource on a variety of common topics every parent eventually encounters.

The topics in here cover things like bug spray, herbs, what to do for food allergies, how to treat vaccine preventable diseases, other childhood illness, safe laundry detergents, oral health, and car seats. This book is great for those already well into the alternative world, and those who are just beginning to look for a different way to treat, nourish, and protect their children. If more information is desired on a given topic, Katie has included an excellent list of resources. I highly recommend this book.” — Montana

“I purchased this book and have found the information invaluable. This book is for parents who are looking for ways to care for their children without resorting to prescription drugs and all their nasty side effects. The author doesn’t claim to be a doctor but has done hours upon hours of research and uses her methods on her own children who are healthy and vibrant. The most important point to take from this book and her blog is to let food be your medicine. Good health begins with good food. After that, look to what nature has provided to provide relief. And the author never says to avoid conventional doctors.” — S. Rivas

“I’ve been teaching about nutrition & natural health through in person classes & on my website since 2008. I’ve read A LOT of books. And I mean A LOT. I’ve been fans of many different bloggers & authors, but I must say that Kate Tietje is one of my 2 very favorite extremely knowledgeable mommy experts. She has researched & has her head on straight. She doesn’t go to extremes, & she has taken this book to a level that most other authors do not. The practical level! The “use your head”, “moderation in all things”, & “trust your intuition” level. Honestly, I’ve deleted a lot of the other resources I used to follow & kept her on my favorite few list.

Overall, our current medical system is a system of Sick Care – not Health Care. It’s time to reverse that! It’s far past time for us to take back control of our children’s & our own health. And it’s NOT hard. Take it a step at a time, & it will happen. ‘A Practical Guide’ will help you do that.

I had the opportunity to receive a free copy of this book to review. I’ll be reviewing it on my website also, because I love it so much! My favorite thing about ‘A Practical Guide’ is that she has broken it down into 3 of the most important areas of living… Food – Health – Environment. Then she has broken those 3 down into easy to read, understandable, & well documented mini-sections that help parents to not be overwhelmed. She’s even included fun recipes (which are yummy, by the way!)

Nutrition. Ingredients. Organic. Milk. Grains. Food Label Tricks. Kid-Friendly Food Ideas. Well-Child Visits. Vaccines. Medications. Fevers. Illnesses. Allergies. Dental Hygiene, Sleep Issues, When To Call The Doctor. Alternative Doctors. Herbs. Clothing & Furniture. Personal Care Products. Media Use. Discipline. Schooling… AND TONS MORE!

If you’re a concerned parent who wants one of the easiest resources for learning how to raise a healthy child, get this book! And if you’re not a parent – This book is still awesome for every single person in the whole entire space system, because it will teach you how to take care of yourself too! GREAT job, Kate. Thank you for providing a breath of fresh air – something this crazy messed up modern industrialized world needs to re-embrace. :)” — Jennifer Dayley

“I bought this book a few months after I had my first child because I wanted advice that was time tested and safe on caring for a sick infant (as opposed to useless mainstream blather). I was not disappointed. I always look forward to this author’s thoughtful, research based, helpful blog posts. I have been following her blog since I became pregnant and have much appreciated her sound advice in my journey towards a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle.” — Helen E Moulton

“This is a great book that includes a lot of really helpful information. I reference it regularly when my kids (and husband and me!) are sick. Kate does a wonderful job of including practical information that is easy to understand. I love how she includes what she does for her family too! Includes lots of health related info and remedies, as well as healthy recipes and tons more.” –Katie

“This is one of the best books we have ever purchased. The information has helped us make our kids healthier and happier. I love having it around to refer to.” — John

“I own this book and feel it would be a great gift for new parents. It provides concise yet helpful information while I don’t feel it’s biased anti or pro-vaccines (in my opinion). The book provides information and allows parents to make more informed choices that they can feel good about. Knowledge is power even if you don’t agree with all the ideas or suggestions. There is a great deal of information provided regarding nutrition.” — LRJ


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