Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom


If you’re a mama who’s in the stage of life where you’re pregnant and breastfeeding, you may be looking for special herbal remedies that are safe and effective for you (and your sweet baby).  This book is dedicated to you. 🙂

Inside, you’ll find:

  • Pregnant belly body butter
  • Magnesium lotion (for leg cramps, insomnia, constipation, and more)
  • Pregnancy tea
  • After pains tincture
  • …and a whole lot more!

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**Never before released!**

Pregnancy and baby’s first year of life is a super special time.  It’s a time when a woman’s body is going through a ton of changes — growing and birthing the baby, and nourishing him or her at mama’s breast.  Plus, babies are so sweet and new.  Both mama and baby need extra gentle care.

A lot of natural remedies aren’t designed with these special mamas and babies in mind.  They may include ingredients that aren’t safe for this special time.  And, many don’t address the specific needs of this group.

Enter: Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom.

Mama and Baby Herbal Wisdom

As a mama of 5 kids who are fairly close in age (18 – 27 months), I’ve been pregnant and/or breastfeeding for over 9 years now!  My entire life has been “taken over” by pregnancy and babies — in a good way!

Creating safe and effective natural remedies that work for my family in our current stage of life is a passion of mine.

That’s how this book was born.

Inside, you’ll find all kinds of mama and baby-specific information, like:

  • Safety guides for herb use in pregnancy, breastfeeding, and infancy
  • How to make an infused oil (it’s easy!)
  • How to make a tincture
  • Cramp and after pains tincture
  • Pregnancy tea
  • Postpartum recovery tea
  • Nipple butter
  • Mastitis salve
  • Colic tincture
  • First aid salve
  • Good night lotion
  • …and more!

The book contains 30 pages of action-packed herbal information, from the very simplest and most basic herbs, to slightly more advanced herbs.

Does It Work?


That cramp and after pains tincture?  I used it post-birth with my fifth and only had after pains for 24 hours.  I’ve used it for period cramps since, and it gets rid of them in minutes.  (Now I don’t even need it at all anymore — haven’t needed any in months!)

I rely on the tea blends daily to help maintain general “woman” health.  I haven’t been pregnant in over a year, but it’s beneficial in any stage of life!  I feel stronger when I remember to take my tea (I use the pregnancy tea).

Good night lotion is sometimes the only thing that gets my kids and older babies to sleep well at night.  It’s a lotion that’s based on magnesium (something we’re almost all deficient in) and lavender.  It’s probably the most complicated recipe in the book, and it’s not hard.  In fact, I show you how to make a version of it here:

I even made that with an errant 3-year-old running around with no pants.  That’s real life, you guys. 🙂  If I can do that, so can you!

Is It Easy?

Definitely.  I just showed you one of the most complicated recipes above…and it wasn’t even that hard!

There’s even a chart at the beginning of the book of 10 natural remedies that you probably already have in your home, right now…simple stuff, like lemons, cinnamon, honey, and more!  Plus, how and when to use them.

You can totally do this.  The book just gives you the tools to know what to use, and when.

Is It Expensive?


A lot of ingredients and supplies can be found at an average grocery store, and some are already in your kitchen!  A few will need to be purchased online, but that’s pretty easy to do.

Some of my favorite places to buy:

When you can buy just a tiny amount of herbs at once, you won’t spend a whole lot to try a new remedy.

A lot of other supplies, like shea butter, magnesium flakes, and others are available on Amazon for pretty good prices too.  It’s really very easy to get started and it doesn’t cost a ton!

I Want It!

Awesome!  I’m super glad you do.  Just scroll up to grab your copy now!

This book has *not* been offered anywhere else, except in the “Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle” through the Ultimate Bundles company.  That’s it!  This is the first time it can be purchased individually.

If you have any questions, or need any help getting started, email


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