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Kate July 2016

Kate Tietje is the owner and founder of the “Modern Alternative” family of blogs, which originally launched in 2009 — one of the longest-running and most successful blogs in the natural living niche.  The goal of these blogs is informed, natural living.

The blogs are:

In addition, Kate is a huge advocate for natural living in general, including pro-informed choice, pro-parental rights, using natural remedies, women’s birth rights, and more.  She champions these on her blogs and across social media, as well as in her book, Natural Remedies for Kids, published by the Quarto Group in 2015.

Kate, and her husband Ben, also own Tradishen, a real food menu planning service, which focuses on fresh, natural, healthy options.  They own Earthley, a Zulily-style business that offers short-term deals on the best organic and natural items.

The goal of all of these businesses is to bring greater knowledge about and access to a naturally healthy lifestyle — which is so in demand these days.  More and more people are interested in eating healthier, avoiding unnecessary medication, following alternative education methods, and more.  It’s all about getting-back-to-nature, and Kate is passionate about facilitating this movement.

In her personal life, Kate is a mother to 5 children, whom she homeschools.  She runs a local unschooling coop, spreading her passion in hands-on ways in her own community.  She is very active in her community, serving on the worship team at her church, teaching families about natural remedies, and more.